Pocket Posters

Pocket Posters

Last year there were over 937,654 occupied hotel rooms in the city of Saskatoon, representing some of the over 1.8 million people (and growing) who come to Saskatoon each year.

Chances are, they are not your Facebook friends.  They didn’t hear your radio ad yesterday, they didn’t read your newspaper ad last week, they didn’t see your television ad last night.  They don’t follow you on Twitter.

They arrived this morning.  They leave in 2 days.  They have no idea you exist.

So . . . how are you going to let this massive untapped market know you are open for business right down the street from their hotel?

PocketPosters Guest Services & Tourism Advertising is a marketing service provided by Veritas.

Designed for local businesses and non-profit Attractions to reach the ever-growing Tourism market in Saskatoon, PocketPosters is an all-inclusive package of traditional printed media, online listings and a mobile Application distributed across Saskatoon.

All designed to deliver newcomers right to your door.

Local advertising is repetition, repetition and repetition.

PocketPosters is about being right there, at the precise moment people are looking for you, just once.

With listings for current events and upcoming shows (provided by Tourism Saskatoon), PocketPosters provides a one-stop information system for Tourists right where they are staying.  All designed to let hotel guests know about you.